Aleph 2013

(September, 2016)

Mara Funes, from the Verema Tastings and Contents team, conducts a tasting of the Aleph 2013 wine, one of the six wines that have been part of the April 2016 batch of Club Verema.

“Aleph 2013 is a red wine aged for 14 months made in Casas Ibáñez, with Merlot and Petit Verdot grapes. A wine that was born as a result of the shared dream of a group of friends, among whom is a member of Verema, to make their own wine based on their experience and his passion.

Aleph 2013 stands out for its notes of cocoa, black fruit, spices, floral notes and a deep mineral character. It is rated with 95 points out of 100 by Verema users.

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