The Winery


Our winery is located at the heart of Serrdaiel small town nearby Casas Ibañez, Albacete, Spain. It is designed to allocate the intake volume of each parcel. Equipped with a vertical press, stainless steel temperature regulated vats, cold room and a well thought diversity of barrels from French forests to help develop the aromatic complexity and texture of our wines. We elaborate an average of 25.000 bottles per vintage.



  1. Attention to detail at our vineyards: Dry Farming, bush and double cordon royat short pruning, only mechanical weed control with low weight tractors to reduce soil compaction. Manure nutrition every three years, only sulfate and copper dry powder sprays below 3 kg/ha per year. Biodynamic viticulture.
  2. Harvest is determined by berry tasting complemented with total acidity, pH and sugar content. We like to harvest prioritizing tannic mouth feel and acidity feel, over sugar content.
  3. Hand harvest: we use 12 kg ventilated boxes, we select only healthy bunches.
  4. Fast logistics: Night harvest to keep grapes cold, this helps to avoid grape oxidations and microbiologic deviations. Moving the grapes fast from vineyard to press or tank is a key procedure to have healthy fermentations, healthy wines. For Alto Turia grapes we transport them in cold truck set at 4º Celsius.
  5. Crushing: we separate berries from their rachis very carefully with a very soft destemer located over the press or tanks, berries fall by gravity instead of pumping them. Pumping oxygenates and brake berries. It’s less respectful for the grapes. Fermentations are made in wood or inox vessels, with temperature control to preserve aromas and extend maceration. We have soft extraction protocols for our reds, and work the intensity of extraction during post fermentative maceration.
  6. Wood ageing: for certain red wine lots we like to let malolactic fermentation occur in wood. For us wood barrels serve to open the aromatic complexity and help tannins become longer molecules, rounder feel.
  7. Blending: We like to guide our wines respecting their parcel origins, each lot-parcel is fermented and aged isolated. Two months before bottling we select barrels from the lots with attention to respect its original personality, balance and texture feel.

Since 2016 we are focused on elaborating the Alto Turia dry white wines, and Serradiel Royal with total absence of added sulfites. The result is exiting, mouth feel is more fluid, elegant, and the aromatic complexity display endless layers of aromas, tasters tell us wines have more dimensions, more life!