Cookies Policy

  1. What Cookies are?

In order to ensure privacy, we inform you that on we use cookies to provide easy navigation through the website, to ensure access to certain features and additionally, help us to improve the quality of our page in accordance with your habits and browsing styles.

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your computer, Smartphone or tablet when you access the website and that allows the owner of this page to store or retrieve certain information over multiple variables. For example; the number of times the user has visited the website, to identify the registered user, to ensure the user session while he or she is browsing the web, to ensure operations in a secure and stable way, etc.

As indicated above, the cookies offer information about users´ browsing habits and in consequence it may affect their privacy, for this reason, we want to provide you with the necessary information about the type of cookies used on our website, so you may have full decision-making capacity with regards to both the use of them and the privacy protection.

In this sense, in order to use all the web services and functionalities, it is necessary to enable cookies into your internet browser. The web page uses cookies in order to facilitate the navigation. The registered user can be identified when visiting the web, through these cookies, and always after he or she has marked the “Remind me” button, allowing the access and use to areas or sections, services, functionalities and web promotions established especially for this group.

  1. Type of Cookies

Next we offer information about the type of cookies used in and the purpose of them:

  • Session cookies

Cookies designed and used for collecting and storing data while the user accesses a website. As its name suggests, these cookies are stored in your terminal until the browsing session is completed.

  • Analytical Cookies

Cookies designed and used for monitoring and analysing the user behaviour. These type of cookies measure the website activity through aggregated or statistical information. On is used for this purpose. The Google Analytics cookies have different limitation periods depending on the information offered.

Similarly, we use analytical cookies designed to analyse the user´s navigation behaviour and to improve the Web experience.  This type of cookie does not keep the personal data provided by the user. The user´s navigation behaviour is analysed and monitored through heat maps, allowing us to improve our website and to analyse behaviour patterns.

  1. Who uses cookies?

The information collected through the cookies on a website can be used by the owner of the page or by a third party that provides a service to the owner. Accordingly, the information of the cookies used on is processed by the company and also by third parties with the above-stated purposes.

  1. Cookies management

Taking the information provided through the Cookies Policy into account, we offer information about how the cookies management used on will be carried out through the different options provided by the most common browsers (Explorer, Firefox, Safari y Chrome).

If the cookies are not installed into your computer, some functionalities of the website and certain contents may be affected.

4.1. How to display Cookies

All browsers provide the possibility of searching and displaying cookies installed by a website, obtaining information concerning the lifetime of the cookies and the possibility of deleting them, as indicated in the following section. On this issue, a number of informative links in the most used browsers are displayed below:

4.2. How to delete Cookies

To restrict or block Cookies, you need to modify the browser configuration used on your terminal (computer, smartphone or tablet). In general, the browsers offer the following setting options according to the cookies installation:

  • The browser declines all cookies and therefore, no cookies will be installed on any website on your terminal.
  • It can occur that the browser warns you before the cookie installation takes place, for you to decide whether or not to install it.
  • It may happen that the browser only declines the cookies of third parties of the visited websites, but not the used by the site where you navigate.
  • There is a navigation option in private mode through which the cookies are installed in the terminal but they will be deleted automatically when the web navigation ends: