Aleph Winery

Our values

Our base work is biodynamic viticulture; we respect the land and the people that tend the vineyards by avoiding the use of agro-chemicals, known to have bad side effects for humans and nature. We guide our parcels to obtain low yields, healthy and happy vines, sorting at harvest only the best grapes for our fermentations. Selected berries are then treated very softly at reception. In terms of enological additions, we use minimal to zero added sulfites during the pre and post fermentation stages. This allows us to maintain the micro flora and enzymatic pool of each lot, a factor that boosts the vintage expression specifically for each single parcel isolated craft.

We apply traditional Mediterranean vineyard management practices, like bush vine training and double cordon royat.  Soils are tilled after harvest and during spring to oxygenate the upper layers, allowing the subsoil to better hold the rainwater, we do not irrigate.

Soil and vines never receive synthesis molecules, like herbicides, insecticides or fungicides, we obtain healthy grapes without intoxicating animals and other plant species that live in our parcels, we let them live to make sure the annual cycles of life happen in harmony in within each parcel.

It is important for us to create wines that capture the annual resonance between climatic events ruled by the cosmos, vines genetics and the soils that give support to them. “Laisser le terroir parler

Our goal is to bottle balance and originality for our tasters: creating pleasure!


Aleph, symbolized as , it is not only the first letter of the Persian or Hebrew alphabet, but it`s also the symbol that Georg Cantor, one of the most recognized mathematics of this era, choose to designate the different infinites enclosed in his theory. With that same concept, the great writer Borges used it to give birth to it`s famous tale “El Aleph”.

For us, Aleph symbolizes our infinite passion for soils and wine. It embodies our intention to start an endless path to create, each year, better wines for the consumers that look for singularity and personality expressions single parcel creations.