Aleph, the name comes from the mathematics’ hobby of one of the founding members. Aleph, whose symbol is À, is not only the first letter of alphabets such as Proto, Hebrew, Arabic or Persian, but is the symbol that was elected by Georg Cantor, one of the most brilliant, enigmatic and tormented mathematicians, to designate transfinite numbers. So א0 (aleph-zero) equals the smallest infinite, which is the numerable or infinite infinity of natural numbers, while א1 (alef-one) is the cardinality of the continuum. The continuum hypothesis assumes that no number between א0 and א1.
To demonstrate that turned (literally) crazy Cantor. In the end Kurt Godel proved that this hypothesis is improvable and can only be accepted as an axiom, ditching, finally, the subject. Aleph is also the title of a story that gives title to one of the books of worship of one of the most brilliant writers, who is Borges. Therefore it is used in many literary circles (web pages, etc.) and other cultural events.

The good news is that the symbol allows the game and meaning more. Therefore it is infinite …

El origin

Aleph is the story of a family: The Gómez Soriano’s family has inherited vineyards from fathers to sons for generations. Then, these vineyards were cultivated as a complement to any other occupation, and grapes were given to the cooperative. When the father of the brothers, owner of the vineyards, died, a close relative took care of them, but, when he couldn’t take them anymore, the mother, who is the owner, ended up renting them to a person of the village. After several events, Alberto Gómez Soriano recovers the vineyards and Gregorio, his brother, proposed trying to make themselves wine instead of taking the grapes to the local cooperative.

2013 was dedicated to recover the vineyards driving them towards a model of more modern and demanding viticulture. The first harvest of 2013 wasn’t thought to vinification, but given the excellent quality, we decided to rent nearby installations and produce the first Aleph. The process was repeated also with the vintage of 2014. In 2015 the winery was built in a converted and restored ship in the hamlet of Serradiel, near the vineyards, with the idea of making in a near future a warehouse type “French chateau”.